недеља, 29. август 2010.

Me and blogs

I've wanted to make blog for a long long time. Now it's time to cut the tension. I'm a little busy in RL , but you can expect posts in like , 1-2 weeks ( i'm talking about good posts).

This blog will be about card magic. How to understand it , how to appropriate the art that it is. To many kids are doing magic these days , but there is to little understanding. As one of the people that really understands how and why it works , i thought that i should share my experience , criticism and stuff with you.

So follow me up , and expect some good posts soon ;)

8 коментара:

  1. cant wait for the posts bro!

  2. No bro, you're going to spoil the magic.

    Don't do it bro.

  3. @okie dokie

    It won't be about revealing tricks , but about making tricks look good , and making you look good , while performing :)
    stuff like that.

  4. hey nice, i'll follow you
    check out my blog too

  5. cool bro, story !: